Out To Dry

Out To Dry by Andy Freeman and Sam Penn is a project and installation exploring how the microplastics used in clothing make their way into waterway systems via washing machines.

The installation consists of a series of washing machines which tell the story of microplastics. The machines present homespun experiments that raise questions about how clothes are made, worn and washed, what traces our clothes leave on waterways, and how plants and riverbeds, people and animals are cohabiting with the millions of microscopic particles hidden in the mud and water.

The project aims to provoke new understandings of microplastics and the journey they take through the pipes in our houses from the clothes we wear.

Check out the show and meet the artists.

Stryx Shop Spring Fair

Following on from the success of our Stryx Shop Winter Fair last year, we are hosting a one night only Stryx Shop Spring Fair for Digbeth First Friday.

Featuring the work of 16 online shop artists, the gallery will host stalls, a projected showreel and staffed bar. This will be a chance to come and meet the artists in person, purchase great, affordable art and help support their ongoing work. In addition, we are donating at least 20% of all sales to help those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

There will be a mix of past favourites as well as some brand new pieces from photography, prints, jewellery, through to collage, paintings and clothing.

Card and cash payments welcome and encouraged.

We look forward to seeing you there. If you can’t make it in person you can still purchase online!

Magdalena Jasiak: 11 Steps

Jasiak will be exhibiting work previously explored in her residency last year: ‘11 Steps’, from early 2021.

The installation of 11 steps is being live streamed 24/7 via our YouTube channel, showing what the artwork is doing when we all sleep.

During her residency at Stryx last year, she was looking at the effects the global pandemic and lockdown had on her everyday life and well-being. Whether through work or socialising, a lack of routine meant that she had to face ‘herself’ more than usual and face her demons, such as depression.  

The world around her started to make unrealistic resolutions: Her days were prolonged and lonely and what you can see now is what she witnessed and felt.

Stryx Shop Winter Fair

We’re celebrating the first birthday of our Online Shop for December First Friday!

The Stryx Shop Winter Fair brings 14 artists works into the gallery. It’s a chance to see their work up close & personal and nab some of the best & unique seasonal gifts Digbeth has to offer. All our artists currently live and work in the West Midlands: here’s your chance to support local artists whilst gaining some unique stocking fillers! Everything from digital prints to jewellery, we guarantee there’s something for everyone.

The show will run from 3/12/21 – 17/12/21 with a second Fair Day on Saturday 11/12/21 from 12pm – 4pm.

Cash and card payments welcome and encouraged.

Stryx Studio Holders Show

Earlier this year, Stryx completely rebuilt its studio complex and gallery space from the ground up.

Since then the studios have been a hotbed of activity, with practices including collage, digital, video, sculpture, paintings and textiles. With our Studio Holder Show, Stryx presents the work of:

Alena Adamkova
Alex Billingham
Carla Busuttil
Cesar De Cesaro
Jemima Graham
Kirsten Adkins
Marcin Sz
William Parslow
Tamsyn Preedy
Dawn-Marie Denton
Tamsin Lunn
Dominic MacMillan Scott
Elvin Sanders

This is going to be a fantastic show. We look forward to seeing you.

Welcome to Bagtopia

A solo exhibition by B4g_lord.

The premise of the show is based on an idea B4g_lord has been working on recently. It is centred around a man with a Sainsbury’s bag on his head . It’s a metaphor for complicity in capitalism/ consumerism and also a head in the sand type ostrich situation.

B4g_lord will be exhibiting new paintings created from January onwards, cleverly appropriating famous pieces of art, simultaneously bubbling over with his signature sly social commentary.