U & I Exhibition Launch

Drawing from actors working with stunt performers and body doubles, this exhibition is centred around two films that represent the various ways Natasha learnt, adapted and changed the fabric of the world to provide an invisible support structure for her children.

The films speak to the intricate preparations and rehearsals that go into everyday activities when caring for someone who is socially anxious, autistic or has pathological demand avoidance.

dankEconogy1_ALIENVillage Exhibition Launch

Sahjan Kooner is contaminating and infecting Eastside Projects with a visitation of an alien village to the gallery that delves into the lineage of the lives, mutations, migrations, technologies, and sociologies of its inhabitants.

Be the first to experience this immersive installation and encounter a series of biomechanical sculptures, audio visual works, online projects and archival elements by Sahjan, Sophie Chapman, Gary Zhexi Zhang, The Villagers and Manjit Kooner within a skeletal framework that fills the main gallery.

EOP Summer Camp Show Launch

Summer Camp 2023 is here!

Check out the work of over 50 EOP members including …

Micro residency artists GLUE Collective, Crow Dillon-Parkin, Rachel Magdeburg, Tomilola Olumide, and Adam Wynn


Maia Trotman-Lucas, Tammy Woodrow, Yang Zhou, Chantelle May Boyle, Linda Zagidulina, Yejide Adeoye, PJ Wordsworth, Sherrie Edgar, Ross Spencer, Janet Tryner, Fred Fabre, Marcus Keating, Rebecca Crowley, Wavez, Leah Hickey, Kavitha Balasingham, Rowland Hill, Kristina Hall, Kia Whitcombe, Polly Brant, Scarlett Ford, Yusuf Dongo, Iona Mccuaig, Sonal Gajbe, Joanna Grochot, Haseebah Ali, Indira Lakshmi Prasad, Ishmail De Niro, Abigail Braithwaite, Gemma Gore, E. Jackson, Assunta Ruocco, Kurt Hickson, Shivani Khoshia, Mahalia Sobers, Alys Scott-Hawkins, Sarah Karen, Ngo Chun Tse, Carolyn Morton, Elizabeth Murton, Rhiannon Evans, Amelia Hawk, Mona Irain, Courtenay Welcome, Kenizzi Yamalimbu, Ruth Claxton, Fred Hubble, Sop, Fabrice Millet, Tara Singh, Ben William Dawson, Qianhui Yu, Rhona Eve Clews, Marcy Saude, Rebecca Farkas, Gugan Gill, Jennifer Taylor, Ashley Wilson and Amaan Jahangir.


eat, drink, chill /khao, peyo, aish karo, but don’t hurt anyone’s heart – by Roo Dhissou, who will be serving tea and biscuits

Abbas Zahedi Performance + Evening exhibition openings – Sonic Signals and GOD-POCKET

Join us at 7pm for a site-responsive sonic performance by Abbas Zahedi which will activate the space for one night only!


Listen to the final Sonic Signals loop – which across the month has doubled in size as Radio Club and children from years 1–6 at Chandos Primary School have been working with guest artists to record messages, soundscapes, thoughts, stories, musical performances, time machines, future imaginings, and more to send through the portal into the gallery.


Check out GOD-POCKET, a group exhibition curated by Jaz Morrison and featuring West Midlands-based artists Neoliberalizard, Tesha Murrain, Trixiebella Suen, and Yusuf Dongo.


The bar will be open with a selection of drinks and mocktails.

Sonic Signals and GOD-POCKET Launch

Everyone is invited to join us for the launch of two new projects ‘Sonic Signals’ by Abbas Zahedi and Chandos Primary School, and ‘God Pocket’, curated by Jaz Morrison and featuring Neoliberalizard, Tesha Murrain, Trixiebella Suen, Yusuf Dongo.

Duplicate Publishing Fair

We are very pleased to once again host the Duplicate Publishing Fair, an annual celebration of printed matter which aims to explore what duplication means in a digital age.

Bringing together independent publishers from across the UK, the fair will feature over 50 exhibitors selling artists’ books, comics and zines. A programme of free artist-led workshops and talks on Saturday will explore themes surrounding self-publishing.

So come along, have a browse, find all kinds of exciting new things, and support some brilliant creatives.

If It Thunders on All Fool’s Day

I have invited three collaborative artist groups to Eastside Projects for a period of thinking, gathering and connecting.

GLOAM makes cool shit happen, an artist-led beacon, a collectively-run exhibition and studio space in Sheffield. Chaos Magic are Nottingham witches who change reality through ritual practice. The Field is a co-living project and DIY space in what was previously the headquarters of the National Coal Board, located in Derbyshire.

If It Thunders on All Fool’s Day* is an open offer to come to our city to ‘do something.’

I don’t know what is going to happen, I don’t know the outcomes, I hope this is a starting point. An open structure that allows for many outcomes, a picked mushroom that’s spreading its spores all over your hand and down your leg.

Join us for Digbeth First Friday and expect good crops of corn and hay!*

*old english proverb

Dinosaur is an artist that runs Cheap Cheap and is a member of the horrible collaboration Kühle Wampe. He is also Artist Curator Trainee at Eastside Projects.

Liminal People

Everyone is invited to join from 5–6pm for a guided meditation led by holistic artist Tesha Murrain.

This will be followed from 6–8pm by a screening of moving image works by artists including Amartey Golding, De’Anne Crooks, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, and Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary that explore how displacement and marginalisation can create roadblocks on the journey to self-actualisation. 

Curated by Jaz Morrison for Digbeth First Friday. Come for the whole evening or drop in as you explore everything else that’s on offer.

Seed Index

For one night only, Eastside Projects is delighted to present the film programme ‘Seed Index’ with moving image works by artists Ana Vaz & Tristan Bera, Laura Huertas Millán, Pilar Mata Dupont, Pedro Neves Marques, Asuncion Molinos Gordo and Gerard Ortin Castellvi.

Come for the whole evening, or drop in anytime.

Curated by Eastside Projects’ Artist Caretaker Borbála Soós, the artworks in this screening programme reflect on the filmic representation of nature, and how nature is culturally, politically, and cinematically constructed. Together they explore how the current ecological crisis is intimately intertwined with the crisis of representation as well as political, health, economic and social crises.

Winter Art Fair

December is here again (already … we know) so it’s time for festive cheer, chilly weather, and the Eastside Projects Winter Art Fair!

Grab your mulled wine and mince pies and complete your Christmas shopping list by grabbing a bargain. Whether you’re looking for limited editions, affordable artworks, handmade accessories, or novelty items there will be plenty to check out from stall holders including EOP, Grand Union, Modern Clay, Spike Island Associates, Turf Projects, Primary, and loads, loads more.

Please note that although some stallholders might be able to take card payments, cash is king. 100% of income from sales goes directly to the stallholders, so support local artists, grab yourself a creative bargain, and get that special someone their most memorable gift this year.