Take Part

Every First Friday of the month individuals and organisations in Digbeth challenge themselves to create new experiences for the public of Birmingham.

If you run an event – whether it be a curry night at your pub, a spoken word event in your café, an open night at your studio or a huge gig in your warehouse – we’d love for you to be a part of Digbeth First Friday.

We want to showcase the talent and diversity of what goes on behind (often) closed doors in Digbeth and create unique experiences for our audiences.

Visitors could start their evening off with a wander around the independent stores at The Custard Factory; make a pit stop for delicious streetfood from all over the world at Digbeth Dining Club; then go on to a late-night exhibition opening at Centrala polished off with Polish vodka and perogi for the road. Or perhaps they begin the night by making their way around Minerva Works experiencing performances, digital art, sculptures, paintings and chatting with the artists who made the work; as they make their way around Digbeth they could stop off at Eastside Projects to buy affordable artworks at an art fair and mingle with other First Friday goers with a drink at The Black Pleasure Bar; topping their evening off listening to live music and filling their bellies with homemade food around the fire in the courtyard at The Edge.

We want to consistently offer our visitors:

Variety – whether it be poetry, street food, independent shopping, club nights, magazine launches, live music or art exhibitions; we want to offer something in Digbeth that excites everyone.

Mystery – you never know what a Digbeth First Friday is going to bring. It’s a place for audiences to visit new venues and have extraordinary experiences; and a place for venues and organisers to experiment and push themselves to test new things.

Quality – whatever discoveries the public make, we want them to have an amazing time.

By showcasing the creative talent in Digbeth once a month on a First Friday, we can create an exciting mass of events and make it easy for audiences to cross over between venues, shops, pubs, clubs, galleries, and eateries.

Visit the home page to see previous events, and if you want to take part and put on something extraordinary of your own, please click on the link below to download a form and email it to digbethfirstfriday@gmail.com – all that we ask is that each organiser contributes £10 towards the marketing and running costs of Digbeth First Fridays.

We look forward to seeing what you’ve got planned!

Download DFF Event Information Form here



Please send a landscape image 600×400 pixels and 72dpi.

One thought on “Take Part

  1. There’s me thinking that First Friday was over until next year and then you come up with the news that it will run throughout the winter. That is simply fabulous news. See you there.

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