Take Part

If you run an event – whether that’s a curry night at your pub, an open gallery night at your art studio, or a massive gig in your warehouse – we’d like you to put something on for the First Friday of every month.

Here’s the Vision …

Visitors to Digbeth on a First Friday will have an amazing experience.

They might start the evening with a bit of shopping at The Custard Factory; stop off for streetfood at Digbeth Diner; then go on to an exhibition at Grand Union; before wrapping things up at PST night club with some heavy reggae. Or maybe they start with an Irish film screening at the Spotted Dog; then catch a new band night at the Rainbow;  and grabbing a late bite to eat at Digbeth Community Garden.

First Friday in Digbeth offers:

Variety – from food to clubbing to art, visitors will have a huge range to choose from.

Mystery – anything could happen on a night out in Digbeth. It’s a place to experiment, visit new venues, try new things.

Quality – whatever you discover, you will have a great time.

This isn’t anything new – there are First Fridays in Chicago, Las Vegas, Lancaster and loads of other cities. We know it’ll work in Digbeth. By showing off once a month on First Friday, we can create a critical mass of events and make it easy for audiences to cross over between venues, shops, pubs, clubs, galleries, and eateries.

You can see what’s on on the home page, and if you want to take part and put on something extraordinary of your own send us an email, or fill out the form below – to keep Digbeth First Fridays going all we ask is that you contribute £10 towards marketing costs.



Please send a landscape image 600×400 pixels and 72dpi.

One thought on “Take Part

  1. There’s me thinking that First Friday was over until next year and then you come up with the news that it will run throughout the winter. That is simply fabulous news. See you there.

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