Welcome to the New Earth.


Vivid Projects

Welcome to the New Earth

This winter Black Hole Club invites you to The New Earth for a programme of events that have evolved through experiment, process and conversation. From 3–11th Dec our activities and work respond to a cycle of terrestrial events, from arrival, exploration and trading to rewilding.

Present on the New Earth for Arrival, on the 3 Dec, 4pm–8.30pm.

De’Anne Crooks presents a broadcast from a new environment: Location: unknown. Joseph Winsborrow with a 1-1 performance: Ritual for New Dreaming. Roo Dhissou & Larissa Shaw engage in conversations with ARC: Artist Rehab Club PT1 (PT2 the online speakeasy on the 6th of Dec). Rosa Postlethwaite performs a recital of terms and conditions and one of breath.


Vivid Projects

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