Image shows green clouds with a cursive We in the right bottom corner. White descriptive text is located on the left.

Stryx Gallery x Room Art x T Street Gallery are excited to work in partnership to house a collection of works by an assemblage of thought-provoking female Iranian artists: Elahe Panahi, Zahrasadat Hakim, Somayeh Panahi, Baran Pourabbas, Fatemeh Joneidi and Fatemeh (Banafsheh) Pishkhan .The artists will come together to present their individual works in a wide-ranging and nuanced collection entitled, We.

We sensitively explores a broad spectrum of themes including beauty of nature, displacement, belonging and femininity, with often interconnected themes and perspectives amongst the exhibiting artists.

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Unit 13, Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS