Together in the Mud Soundbath with Manoj Yoga


Eastside Projects

In this photo of Manoj he is in Eastside Projects and sitting crossed legged on the floor on a low cushion. surrounded by crystal bowls of different heights and diameters made from white rock crystal. His arms are outstretched and in one hand he holds a short glass and crystal baton which he gently taps and smooths the bowl with to generate a resonating ring sound - a bit like when you run your finger around the top of a wine glass.

Join us just after dusk as atmosphere-maker, melissandre varin and sound bath practitioner Manoj Yoga create a unique, immersive, late night Digbeth First Friday experience.

Doors will open at 9pm and close at 9.30pm when the sound bath will begin.

Manoj will bathe the main gallery in sound using a range of instruments including Earth, Symphonic and Synodic Moon gongs and a series of crystal singing bowls which are tuned in 432hz – the natural frequency of the universe. This collective experience will induce calmness, relaxation and peace, increase energy, vitality and creativity, and allow relief from stress, worry and anxiety.

Advance booking is strongly advised – click the link below to book.


Eastside Projects

86 Heath Mill Lane
B9 4AR