Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi: The Same Track Film Screening


Eastside Projects

A white man in a flat cap raises a starter pistol above his head, ready to start a race in the archival, black and white image

The Same Track uses archival footage of Commonwealth Games athletes, spectators, and administrators, cut together with promotional and other film materials. Through symbolic juxtapositions of scenes from different eras, and using tropes of public messaging, the work highlights both transformation and stasis through time.

Alternately playful and shocking, The Same Track works with the idea that the Games, including its current iteration, is implicated in an ongoing political project, centuries in the making.

It’s also your last chance to catch exhibitions by Rajni Perrera and Bijan Moosavi which both close on Saturday 6th.


Eastside Projects

86 Heath Mill Lane
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