The Sompsons


Cheap Cheap

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The Sompsons

Digbeth First Friday – Nov 5th 2021 6pm-8pm
Nov 6th 2021 11am-2pm

Open by appointment after this until 12th Dec 2021


Hi-Diddily-Ho Neighborino!

You may remember Cheap Cheap from such shows as โ€˜OFF-SITEโ€™ or โ€˜Messages from the M11โ€™

The Sompsons, eh? A group exhibition comprising artists from across the UK. The Simpsons has been an overwhelming cultural phenomenon, and clearly an impact on artists’ practices. Come and experience painting, drawing, moving image, sculpture, photography, collage and more!

But please note that some of the work is not child appropriate, so I have indeed thought of the children! Ha Ha (Nelson Voice)

If anyone wants me, iโ€™ll be in my room (68a Lombard Street) and if you donโ€™t like the exhibition

You can eat my shorts!

Artists –
Maxx Gentleman / Teflon Springs
Foka Wolf
Dandy-day Heffernan
Mixed Milk
Ambie Drew
Jack Squires
Chris Thompson
Lara Beasley
Fred Hubble
Bag Lord
Elizabeth Gray and Mrs Art
Bethan Jayne
Bethan McKnight
Craig David Parr
Chris Lambourne
Vega Maguire


Cheap Cheap

68a Lombard Street,
B12 0QR