The Courtship of Giants: Emii Alrai – Exhibition Launch


Eastside Projects

A watercolour painting of a green object that looks partly like a body, and partly like a vase. With a faint decorative pattern on the surface

Join us as we launch our new exhibition.

Deep within Eastside Projects Emii Alrai is creating a world where medieval hunting traps meet museological dioramas.

Emii’s largest solo show to date folds together an intricate web of references including the legend of Gilgamesh, the capture and coveting of giant artefacts from Iraq such as the Lamassu by the British Museum, the theatricality of medieval hunting arenas, the etymology and history of courting, ancient gravesite constructions, arrows and how wounds have been romanticised by the Pre-Raphaelites, and their obsession with melancholia.

The nature of the installation means there will be reduced capacity in the gallery. We encourage all visitors to take care of each other by wearing a mask.


Eastside Projects

86 Heath Mill Lane
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