Stryx Studio Holders Show



Image shows a multi coloured background in purple, green, red and yellow. Two simple isometric arch shapes cut across the centre of the image followed by a set of stairs in yellow and purple. Bold white text reads STRYX STUDIO HOLDERS SHOW.

Stryx Gallery has 15 lively artist studios varying from small to large, shared and individual spaces.

The Stryx Studio Holders Show brings a selection of their work into the gallery. 2023 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Stryx, and studio holders are a crucial part of this. Here’s your chance to come and catch up with the creme de la creme of Digbeth’s artist scene.

Participating artists:

Alena Adamkova
Courtenay Welcome
Alex Billingham
Marcin Sz
Sophie Mackfall
Dawn Denton
Abigail Braithwaite
Crow Dillon-Parkin
Will Parslow
Tamsyn Preedy
Japhet Dinganga
Cesar De Cesaro
Jasmine Lee

Curated by Magdalena Jasiak



Unit 13, Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS