SPOT VR Residency: Tomilola Olumide and Aaliyah Shaw



Image shows a black background with a circular design in the middle showing artists Tomilola Olumide and Aaliyah Shaw sat in Stryx gallery. A colour split filter has been applied to emulate a VR headset. Bold white text is at the top and left of the image.

Spot VR Residency is a programme dedicated to artists representing the global majority, who are exploring VR as a new way of making their work or developing their current VR practice.

Tamilola will be presenting ‘Wa wọ’. Wa wọ is a sentence in the Nigerian language Yorùbá which means ‘come and see,’ it serves as a statement of welcome and an invitation to explore work installed in the virtual and physical realm by Tomilola Olumide during her Spot VR residency.

Aaliyah will be presenting ‘The landscape that shapes us’. During the residency Aaliyah will be creating a world using VR to make the viewer step into a new world where they seek their emotions head on. A variety of tapestries will be created (out of needle felt wool) in different sizes that will be framed around pole structures to represent our emotions framing our mindset.

Join us for a free artist talk with Olumide and Shaw from 5:30pm.



Unit 13, Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS