SPOT VR Residency: Abulrazaq Awofeso



Image shows black background with distorted tri-colour portrait of Abdulrazaq Awofeso in VR headset. Bold white letters are in the foreground.

Spot VR Residency is a programme dedicated to artists representing the global majority, who are exploring VR as a new way of making their work or developing their current VR practice.

Within this residency, Awofeso was invited to explore ideas, develop their research and create new work to experiment physically and digitally with the VR space.

Through the use of discarded materials mainly pallets, Awofeso sees a fusion of technology and dysfunctionality coming into play making a functional result. He has created revellers from Digbeth First Friday events and created portraits out of them, using found pallets. In this way he has created a bridge between animate (portraits) and inanimate (pallets). Playful, funny and charming these works will be presented both in the gallery space and on our VR headset to be viewed in a 360 virtual gallery space.

Free artists talk commences at 5:30pm. Tickets available in link below:



Unit 13, Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS