Simon Says/ Dadda


Grand Union

A landscape image of Grand Union Gallery. Three projector screens stand in a row against the wall of a dark room. The left-hand screen shows jean-clad legs standing in an allotment, the centre screen shows an older man and younger girl sitting side-by-side at a dining table, and the screen on the right shows black text on a white background. There are beanbags on the floor in front of the screens.

Join us for a late-night opening of Simon Says/Dadda, an exhibition by Birmingham and London-based artist Beverley Bennett. Comprising a newly commissioned 3-channel installation, Simon Says/Dadda is a collaborative project exploring father/daughter relationships among Black and Asian women and non-binary individuals, highlighting the deep impact that structural inequalities have within wider society.

Working in partnership with Metal, Liverpool; LUX, London; and The Newbridge Project, Newcastle; Simon Says/Dadda is an ambitious large-scale film project developed through a series of gatherings across England, bringing to light stories that are currently not represented in the visual arts space.


Grand Union

19 Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS