Second Sight: Film Screenings


Vivid Projects

South, Morgan Quaintance, 2020

Join us for a screening of two timely films exploring the legacy, aesthetic strategies and histories of the 1980s UK Black Film Workshops.

South, Morgan Quaintance, 2020, 28 minutes

Taking two anti-racist and anti-authoritarian liberation movements in South London and Chicago’s South Side as a point of departure, South presents an expressionistic investigation of the power of individual and collective voice. Interlinked with Morgan Quaintance’s own biography (time spent living in both London and Chicago), the film also considers questions of mortality and the will to transcend a world typified by concrete relations.

Your Ecstatic Self, Rehana Zaman, 2019, 32 minutes

A conversation unfolds in a car with Sajid, the artist’s brother. As the journey progresses Sajid discusses his engagement with the philosophy and practice of Tantra, having spent the majority of his 44 years as a strict Sunni Pakistani Muslim. Placing the idiosyncrasies of western fetishism towards eastern philosophical traditions alongside cultural orthodoxies and ancestral knowledge, Your Ecstatic Self takes up multifaceted expressions of desire, intimacy and sexual agency.

Works will be screening continuously from 6-8pm, drop in any time.


Vivid Projects

16 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley Street
B5 5RS