RESOLVE Collective General Assembly


Grand Union

A light blue poster containing a series of images that look as though they have been block printed on to the page. The prints show a series of images of: plant life, tools, and industrial activity. They all relate to the themes of RESOLVE’s long-term project, Industrial Action. There are two sets of three images at the top and bottom of the poster. In the middle of the poster, large text reads “Field Commission. Industrial Action. Grand Union x RESOLVE”

We are looking forward to August’s Digbeth First Friday with RESOLVE Collective.

General Assembly will mark our first event with RESOLVE, as part of their FIELD Commission with Cooking Sections, Industrial Actions, celebrating histories of resistance, organisation, and reimagination by asking how sabotage can aid in critical community-focused work in Birmingham today.

At 7pm, a screening of Heather Powell’s 1988 film Paradise Circus made with the Birmingham Film and Video Workshop will be shown in conjunction with RESOLVE’s event in the gallery space. Paradise Circus documents the ways in which the city of Birmingham (its built environment and architecture) is perceived by women, living in an environment largely designed by men.

From 8pm, we will be hosting a celebratory gathering with music, food and dancing – all are welcome to join us in marking this first event with RESOLVE Collective as part of Industrial Action which we look forward to seeing evolve over the coming year.


Grand Union

19 Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS