Poolside: A Celebration of Chubby Brown Boys

5 - 10pm


a pink backdrop, with a shiny, chubby brown boy who has a tattoo of a heart that has the word 'me' on it. he is coming out of the pool wearing his aussiebum swimwear.

The Gay community is strife with fat phobia, body shaming and racism. This can be evidenced by Gay dating apps such as Grindr, where harmful phrases such as ‘Masc 4 Masc’ and ‘No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks and No Asians’ have originated from.

The exhibition aims to subvert the classic male homoerotic GAYze by challenging body oppression within the gay community. The exhibition will aim to boost positive body image and self-worth by celebrating chubby men.

I specifically wanted to create a series of illustrations which depicts a pool party because, you tend to see an abundance of physically fit and masculine identifying caucasian gay men in these settings. I thought this was the perfect time to flip it on its head and portray chubby queer men as the sexy individuals that they are.

Meet me at the ‘Poolside’ on 2nd of December!

Commissioned by Homegrown31 and PoweredbyCAN.



Unit 4 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley St
B5 5RT