Peasants Revolt Now!


Prayer Room

A black and neon yellow green poster with a medieval animal character in the background and large gothic letters in the foreground reading 'Peasants Revolt Now!'

Curated by Dinosaur Kilby.

A medieval peasant worked 150 days a year, you work 100 days more than that. We’re grinding into a latepostcapitalismclimatecatastrophehell-scape, the mud’s up to our knees. If you focus and lay in bed long enough, you can feel it, the shape of it, but what are you doing about it? Think of what you could do with those 100 days, or maybe that’s just a capitalist production mindset. Everyone always looks at the Enlightenment (1685 – 1815) or the Italian Renaissance (1340 – 1550) for inspiration. The En-light-enment, when the light was literally turned on, the dark ages were no more. I think there’s a lot we can learn from the dark. I’m scared of the dark, everyone is. If they say they’re not, they’re fucking lying. Put them in a forest at 2am in rural Derbyshire in November and see who’s scared.

Our inaugural exhibition at Prayer Room features Amartey Golding, Becky Tucker, Black Lodge Press, Campbell McConnell, Emii Alrai, Fi Sonola, Joe Moss, Rose Hedy Squires and Uma Breakdown.


Prayer Room