Out To Dry



Image shows five glass bowls containing water, stones and plants on top of washing machines.

Out To Dry by Andy Freeman and Sam Penn is a project and installation exploring how the microplastics used in clothing make their way into waterway systems via washing machines.

The installation consists of a series of washing machines which tell the story of microplastics. The machines present homespun experiments that raise questions about how clothes are made, worn and washed, what traces our clothes leave on waterways, and how plants and riverbeds, people and animals are cohabiting with the millions of microscopic particles hidden in the mud and water.

The project aims to provoke new understandings of microplastics and the journey they take through the pipes in our houses from the clothes we wear.

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Initially commissioned by Metal for Estuary 2021 festival and funded by Arts Council England



Unit 13
Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS