Love is Real, and it’s Inside Of My Computer

5–6pm; 6–8pm

Grand Union

A landscape image of a messy computer desk. The desk holds a pink mouse, keyboard, and xbox controller, alongside a notebook, a yellow pack of swan cigarette filters, and open medication. A computer monitor is partially visible, featuring an unclear dark image and a caption written in write text that reads ' Table? It's getting scrubbed.' Also on the desk is a small black speaker, a capybara toy, and a mug filled with pens that features an axyoltl.

Join us on Friday 5 July 2024 for a late night opening of Babeworld x utopian_realism’s exhibition, ‘Love is Real, and it’s Inside Of My Computer.’

Told through the eyes of a neurodivergent coded character, the exhibition plays on the structures of the gallery and art world, asking us to question and renegotiate how we define what is considered ’new’, ‘exciting’, and ‘taste making’ in the arts.

Based on Babeworld’s lived experience as an intersectionally disabled collective, this commission navigates the fine line between mental productivity and mental burnout through an experiential understanding of disability whilst exposing the alienation of marginalised folk in the art world.

We’ll be open 6–8pm for a regular First Friday opening, so stop by, see the show, and join us for a drink. But if busy First Friday’s aren’t your thing, we’ll also be open 5–6pm on the 5 July for a quiet opening, where there will be no bar, and we’ll ask visitors to wear a mask and no perfume.⁠

Access: Please note that Grand Union Gallery is located up two flights of stairs. Alcohol will be served in the gallery space. Light and sound levels within the exhibition can be changed upon request, please speak to staff.


Grand Union

19 Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS