Leah Hickey – How to Get Attention When You’re Drowning


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Loss, grief, tears, eulogy, love, lust, sex, dysphoria, pin ups, arousal, heroines, weight, you, heavy, crying, me, webcam, living, body, fluid, cinema, history, humour, wanking, religion, falling, dad, christ, breakdown, death, life.

Ed Ruscha eat your heart out.

How to Get Attention When You’re Drowning is Leah Hickey’s first solo exhibition, which shows paintings created over the last year.

The text swirls, constricted by medium and concept, bent and sticky, the typography experimental. Leah is dealing with BIG themes. Perfection is striven for, often missed, or messed. These are outcomes of living, of working, of touch, and love, and loss.


Cheap Cheap

68a Lombard Street,
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