Karen Babayan | Out of the Ruins



“Out of the Ruins”: Karen Babayan’s Residency

Join us at Centrala for “Out of the Ruins,” a poignant exhibition by Karen Babayan featured in the Arts Council-supported “Hybrid Landscapes” program. This exhibition showcases the intersection of displacement, hybrid identities, and cultural resilience, deeply rooted in the artist’s Eastern European and Middle Eastern heritage, including her Armenian origins. “Out of the Ruins” explores the nuanced interplay between history, identity, and survival, reflecting the shared experiences of Eastern European communities.

The exhibition features a diverse collection of works, including:
Early career paintings are vibrant with Eastern European religious and pagan iconography. Photographic series on aluminium capturing landscapes marked by historical shifts. Installations of found objects symbolising rites of passage and collective journeys. Excerpts from Babayan’s forthcoming novel, weaving personal and communal stories of endurance.

Special Highlights:
The exhibition title pays homage to Zabel Yessayan’s book, documenting the aftermath of the 1909 Adana massacres, reflecting on the enduring spirit of the Armenian diaspora and their survival strategies through tumultuous histories.



Unit 4 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley St
B5 5RT