Ishmail De Niro – The Saracen’s Head


Cheap Cheap

A cropped shot of a witches green face with a black dart stuck in the end of her nose.

A Saracen’s Head is the decapitated head of an Arab. It’s also the name of over 200 pubs in England.

Black vinyl script covers the main wall. Nastaliq text? Rorschach blotch? Alien cuneiform? Abstract Death’s Head Moth? It actually reads Matriarch/Patriarch.

What do our mothers and fathers leave us?

Small Heath, Birmingham. Barber shop, skin fade, but can you cut vampire teeth into the back? 90’s Nike tick replaced with a blood sucking ghoul. White working class culture mixing with brown working class culture. Sick fade, bro.

England is haunted and what have they left us, our mothers and fathers?

This exhibition is a 1993 fever dream brought up on horror films.

You’re inside The Saracen’s Head.


Cheap Cheap

68a Lombard Street,
B12 0QR