Friday 7 October, Neither here nor there exhibition and The Good Water Presents… #FoxNewsDisco at Centrala, 6–11pm



4 Minerva Works

158 Fazeley Street


B5 5RT

6- 9pm

Neither here nor there
Two radically different artists who use painting as the basis of their practice begin
a conversation between their different approaches.

Graham Burquest starts from a traditional, representational perspective.
Accurate observation of the visual is explored and combined with expressive
depiction using obvious skill and craft.

Ian Andrews embraces haphazard “bricolage” driven by concepts of
unconscious structuring, intuition and the inability of the brain to process the
information bombarding us.

This installation curated by David Miller sees their separate practices clash and
combine, creating something more than the sum of its parts questioning issues
around the role, form and content of painting. Part aggressive duel, part uncertain
meeting, and part awkward harmony.

8 – 11 pm

The Good Water Presents… #FoxNewsDisco
with music and performance from:

The Good Water
Juneau Brothers
Health & Efficiency