Friday 7 July, Placemaking, Gentrification and Artwash – an exhibition and discussion, The Edge, 6.30pm–late

Placemaking, Gentrification and Artwash – an exhibition and discussion

Friction will be holding an open exhibition and discussion focused around Birmingham’s Wholesale Market, soon to be demolished and redeveloped, ending 900 or so years of markets on the site, the birthplace of the city.

They’ve been making interventions and artworks at the Wholesale Markets for almost 20 years and have a unique archive of materials related to this historic site and it’s unique culture, soon to disappear forever. As well as showing archival images, film and artefacts relating to the market, they will also be hosting discussions on heritage, regeneration, redevelopment and gentrification, taking into account current concerns about ‘artwashing’ and artists collusion with developers, and asking ‘how can citizens be genuinely involved in such huge changes to their city and their environment?’.

Free entry, there will be a bar to facilitate dialogue.