Friday 5 May, Brum Radio presents: Thomas Kilby, Brum Radio, 5–6pm

Brum Radio is back for May’s Digbeth First Friday; covering the going’s on of the event and playing host to an artwork once again. This month Birmingham based artist Thomas Kilby will be presenting ‘Ode to Bas Jan Ader & Ode to Henry Moore’, a video work which has been adapted to be presented over the radio.

Tom works mainly in video and performance, utilising green screen technology and a DIY lo-fi aesthetic to create surreal scenarios featuring characters interacting with different environments. Tom is interested in the narcissistic artist in relation to the celebrity and how celebrity culture can be compared with the art world. These themes are explored through creating works that appear deeply superficial and sometimes humorous. This is used as a technique to break down the general austere nature of contemporary art spaces.