Friday 3rd August, Vivid Projects/The Edge, Ideas Of Noise Festival, 10:30am–10:30pm

Ideas Of Noise Festival 2018
Celebrating Experimental Sounds from the Midlands and Beyond.

Programme at each venue as follows:

Vivid Projects (5–10:30pm): Billy Lucas (Sound Artist) | Richard Scott (Visual Art/Performance) | Ann Antidote plus Notorische Ruhestörung: Bondage meets Noise (Performance) | Simon Paton (Performance) | Live Stream from The Edge

The Edge (10:30am-10:30pm): Writing With Noise Workshop | Onin (Joe Wright/James Malone) | Fizzle: Angharad Davies + Mark Sanders/Rhodri Davies

Vivid: Free Entry
The Edge: Free Entry to Writing Workshop and Onin, Fizzle: £10 OTD/online
For more details see and ticket info go:

Ideas of Noise is an exciting new festival of experimental sound taking place in Birmingham, August 3rd-5th across 3 venues (the Edge, Vivid Projects and BCU) with a focus on connecting experimental audiences and performers of different genres across the West Midlands and creating opportunities for emerging and established local artists. With a programme spanning free improv, electronica, sound art, noise, contemporary classical and more, there will be a mixture of performances, installations, workshops and participation areas.