Friday 3 May, Vivid Projects, Melt, 7–8:30pm


Vivid Projects 

Unit 16 Minerva Works, 122 Fazeley Street, Birmingham, B5 5RS

7–8:30pm, performance at 7:30pm

A penguin unplugs, slow smoke pours …Melt is an invocation through sound and light to tempt out the more esoteric and overlooked elements of the TURC archive. Using tropes from popular culture such as the music video, transitions and infomercials Adam Lewis Jacob and Susannah Stark in collaboration, will perform music and improvise with live visuals as a way to communicate with the TURC archive.
Adam Lewis Jacob is working with Vivid Projects as part of a national artist film project, WORK. It involves four artists exploring the realities of what ‘work’ means for the ways we live today.

facebook: @VIVIDBham
Twitter: @VIVID_
instagram: vividprojectsuk