Friday 3 February, HAND AND MIND: OPENING NIGHT PERFORMANCES, Grand Union, from 6.30pm


To mark the opening of Hand and Mind, we host an evening of performances: Conversation of the Arrows by Alex Cecchetti with Pauline Simon, 6.30pm & 8.15pm. Abstraction end and things like that by Hagar Tenenbaum, 7.30pm at the Nicholson School of Dance. Free, booking required via our website.

Alex Cecchetti with Pauline Simon, Conversation of the Arrows, Grand Union (6.30pm & 8.15pm)

Grand Union

19 Minerva Works

Fazeley Street


B5 5RS

Conversation of the Arrows by Alex Cecchetti is a choreography for sorcerer’s apprentices, in which a dancer and a word-crafter fall into the trap of representation. They are doomed to chase each other represented as dogs, arrows, birds, stones, stars. For a moment, Cecchetti’s sculptures, become the spells that the apprentices cast against each other and the scenario for their labyrinthic roaming.  

// Hagar Tenenbaum: performance at the Nicholson School of Dance, 7.30pm

Nicholson School of Dance
158 Fazeley Street,
11 Minerva Works,
Digbeth, B5 5RT

Hagar Tenenbaum, Abstraction end and things like that, Nicholson School of Dance (7.30pm)

Hagar Tenenbaum works with text and hand gestures to create a relation between words and movement that allows these forms to have distinct trajectories. They can synchronise and resist each other at different moments during the performance. Every action is titled and described minimally, allowing her movement to find its way between accumulated words, stories, memories and facts. This poses a challenge to the moving body to stay receptive, attentive and at the same time, independent.

This event is free but booking essential as spaces are limited. Please book your ticket through our eventbrite page.

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