Friday 2 June, Brum Radio presents: Samuel Rodgers, Brum Radio, 5–6pm

This Digbeth First Friday, Birmingham based artist and musician Samuel Rodgers will be presenting one of a series of short recordings that explore the resonant properties of metal. Brownian noise is played through a hammered piece of brass using a modified loudspeaker, exciting the resonant frequencies of the metal. The sound of the metal is then recorded with two microphones that are slowly moved across the surface of the metal. The result is a complex drift of resonant frequencies that the two microphones pickup as they pass across the metal’s surface.

Samuel Rodgers is an artist and musician whose practice encompasses performance, installation, composition, and phonography. Samuel works with prepared piano, glass and metal percussion, and field recordings, creating performances that explore the materiality and spatiality of sound, and the relationship between performed sound and sounds of the surrounding environment. Samuel is a member of contemporary music group the Set Ensemble, and co-curates the Consumer Waste record label.