Friday 2 August, Graffiti Dream//Babs collective, 6–10pm

Vandalise our shit

Graffiti Dream//Babs collective

Shop 20,  Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth B9 4AA


Sticker event – 6-10pm event where local BHX sticker artists and the public can come down to a local independent venue and buy/create their own stickers to throw up onto a few MDF boards to create unique pieces of art and celebrate the growing Birmingham sticker bombing scene.

Hosted by Fever Dream and Babs collective the event plans to bring together local sticker artists and the public alike to celebrate the growing sticker bombing community, get involved and create their own pieces to make unique pieces of work and grow a scene. Involves a DJ and free drinks. Meet people, make art, finally enjoy life again.