Friday 2 August, Centrala, 6–8pm

Two Truths and a Lie – De’Anne Crooks


Wednesday 24th July- Wednesday 6th August, 11-6pm (closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Art and Illustration workshops 31st July- 3rd August, 12-2pm

Two Truths and a Lie is the highly anticipated 10-day solo exhibition of visual art by De’Anne Crooks. Born in Birmingham, De’Anne addresses a much-needed conversation about the Black-British experience whilst hoping to revolutionize the way in which we perceive contemporary visual art in urban settings. Aiming to educate and re-educate, De’Anne uses visual art methods to explore the truth about race, the truth about mental health and challenge a corporate lie regarding identity. This event includes a series of art and illustration workshops; which invites people to come and create art in the name of mental health awareness.

The Artist:
De’Anne Crooks is a Visual Artist and Art Educator based in the West Midlands. De’Anne uses a plethora of media to relay pertinent messages and engage in conversation about societal issues such as race, mental health and identity. Whilst De’Anne has worked as an Artist and Graphic Designer for many years, this is her first solo exhibition which introduces a collection of paintings, portraits, sculptures, abstract art, film and photography. De’Anne prides herself on being a committed and innovative educator whose prime focus is to inspire, re-educate and find the creative within us all.

Exhibition- FREE
Workshop tickets- £2.50 per person