Friday 1 November, Cashpot Amusements, 6–9pm

Cashpot Amusements: RABBIT IN THE HEADLIGHT, 6-9pm

A situation where there is an impending threat. It’s imminent, but there is still time to take some kind of action to avoid it. Yet the shock of noticing the threat seems to paralyse the threatened party in a state of inaction, focused entirely on worrying about the threat and not at all on doing something practical about it. The threat involved may be trivial.

Doing 90
Looking at the headlights
It’s like a passing-on of information
From an ever expanding eye
It might stare back
Loud diesel-haze and an artificial glare, that
Even cuts through the exhaust
Closing your second eyelid
You see your phosphenes
Keep them open
The headlights returned your gaze

Curated by:
Jim O’Raw & Elvin Sanders.

66 Digbeth, B5 6DH