Friday 1 March, Fierce Festival, Artists Behind Bars, The Quantum Events Centre 9pm-2am

Fierce Festival: Artists Behind Bars
Quantum Event Centre
77A Upper Trinity Street
B9 4EG
£5 from the Fierce website or on the door.
Skint list available, email

Fierce is an international festival of performance that shines a spotlight on some of the most unusual, thought-provoking and downright outrageous performance from across the globe. Fierce wants to shake people up, encouraging them to see the world in new ways, imagining alternative ways of living together and empowering audiences to make changes in their own lives. From cyborgs to radical sex, queer ecologies to strategies of love and resistance – Fierce probes the pressing issues of the current moment, often with its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Artists Behind Bars is an event concocted by Kitty Finer that brings together artists to build, install, host, and run their own bars. For one night shift only, the bar is the work of art, the artist is the bartender, and the spectator is the punter.

Join us for this legendary event to try drinks specially developed by some of the region’s most exciting artists, from behind their bespoke bars, then join us on the dance floor till the small hours. WARNING: it will get messy.