Friday 1 December, Nomadic Vitrine, Recent Activity, 6 – 8.30pm

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Nomadic Vitrine
Recent Activity
80–82 Floodgate Street
B5 5SR
6 – 8.30pm
Nomadic Vitrine invites artists to respond to a nomadic display case, either using it functionally to present work or intervening with it sculpturally. The vitrine, itself a redundant sculpture, replaces the gallery as a space for artists to create work in / on / for. The vitrine builds on historical notions of display and visibility, both within and beyond the gallery. The vitrine is placed in various locations around Birmingham, changing for each exhibition.
For this  First Friday, Recent Activity presents a new iteration of Nomadic Vitrine, featuring work by Liam Fallon. In his practice, elements of sensuality, sexuality and the hyper-fetishised are used to navigate and explore queer culture, more specifically erotically charged social spaces. His lack of engagement with such spaces encourages an often naïve approach to his sculptures and it is this, paired with writings on monumentality from Henri Lefebvre and queer literature from Jean Genet-that enables him to engage and explore these spaces without physically having to do so.