For Fund’s Sake



Inage shows various yellow duotone objects and textures on a dark blue background with red and yellow text. Bold capitalised yellow text reads: For Funds Sake.

As the city of Birmingham once thrived as the hub of makers and crafters, renowned as the “city of a thousand trades,” the contemporary art scene faces significant challenges amidst local authority funding cuts to arts and culture. Despite these obstacles, Stryx Gallery and its studio holders remain committed to championing the city’s vibrant creative community.

This exhibition serves as a curated response to the dawn of a new season, symbolizing the approaching vibrancy of summer. Each artist has uniquely interpreted this theme, offering diverse perspectives and stirring reflections on the city’s evolving cultural landscape. The exhibition will feature a dynamic range of mediums, from painting, jewellery to multimedia installations, promising an immersive and thought-provoking experience for visitors.


Alena Adamkova
Boglarka Toth
Crow Dillon-Parkin
Jasmine Lee
Kengo Brown
Gabriella Broadley
Izzie Arrowsmith
Lauren Davis
Abigail Braithwaite
Wallis Allen
Tennille Janay
Marcin Sz
Jemima Graham



Unit 13, Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS