Evening Exhibition Opening: dirty nails (les ongles noirs) and Idols of Mud and Water


Eastside Projects

In the photo we see Artist Bronwyn Katz from above, standing on rich terracotta soil with bare feet. She is wearing a cream dress and her hair is wrapped. She holds the palms of her hands together as though praying.

Come together in the mud for ‘dirty nails (les ongles noirs)’, a sticky experimental thing by melissandre varin with Ban Workshop, Jade Blackstock, Maria Muehombo aka M I M I, Ibrahima Ndobe, Bronwyn Katz, Sym Mendez aka Sym Stellium and Carmen Wong.

And in the second gallery take in ‘Idols of Mud and Water’ by Australian artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran and discover his exuberant multi-limbed, fertility, protector, joker and warrior figures.


Eastside Projects

86 Heath Mill Lane
B9 4AR