Down The Cake Hole


Vivid Projects

a photo of a woman with wild hair in a green dress from the chest up. she is holding a rolling pin decorated with the screaming face of nicholas cage in front of her face and biting it.

Join Beverley Riviera and friends for a performative evening of cake!

Down The Cake Hole is an exhibition about cake – its origins, its evolution and its cultural significance. Originally (and in some areas still) a term for a portion of bread, cake has become a glorious item of indulgence that is with us at almost every significant point in our lives.

Try a quintet of baked goods including ancient Greek recipes once sacred to the gods, cakes designed to save souls from damnation and concoctions created to ensure that even in the bleakest of times cake will still be with us.

Discover how ‘Everything is cake’ had its origins in political power plays, ostentatious feasts, and literal seventeenth-century Hunger Games. And join Beverly Riviera, an amalgam of celebrity chefs, in a live baking demonstration accompanied by a helper channeling the resentment of a thousand put-upon assistants. Plus, one lucky visitor will be crowned the Monarch of Misrule!


Vivid Projects

16 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley Street
B5 5RS