Cosmic Modelling II


Vivid Projects

This is a poster for Vivid Projects upcoming Digbeth first friday. On a black background is a rainbow coloured abstract portrayal of the history of big bang expansion. The image looks a lot like a jellyfish made up of curved lines! Coming off this image are arrows with text such as Dark Ages, First stars and Accelerated Expansion. In the top left hand corer is the title of the show Cosmic Remodelling in a futuristic rounded font.

Cosmic Modelling Poster

In Celebration of Black Hole Club’s 10th Birthday, we have welcomed back a range of artists we’ve worked with over the past decade to return to Vivid Projects for a two-part exhibition to showcase wonderful work, bringing together practises and reflections shared by our Black Hole Club alumni.

From video and print to live performance and installations, these special exhibitions will celebrate the artists we have worked with.

This is the second instalment of Cosmic Modelling and brings together the following artists:

Antonio Roberts

Courtenay Welcome

David Checkley

Emily Mulenga

Gugan Gill

Horse Gallery

Ian Sergeant

Joseph Winsborrow

Michael Dring


Vivid Projects

16 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley Street
B5 5RS