@ Digbeth Community Garden

Promotional image for 'BEANFEAST' cooking and gardening workshops. In the centre of the poster are two open hands of an indigenous Mexican woman who is holding a heap of mixed heirloom native beans.

Join ITZATNA Arts for ‘BEANFEAST’ – an interactive cooking and gardening workshop inspired by the magical staple foods of Mexican cuisine and agriculture: Beans, Maize, & Squash!

Learn about the ‘Milpa’ or ‘Three Sisters’ companionship planting method of growing maize corn, beans, and squash courgettes

Have a go at cooking authentic Mexican recipes with artist and chef Alfredo Hau

Taste our ‘Sopa De Milpa’ and other healthy and affordable vegetarian dishes

Hear ancient Mexican myths, legends, and stories

Swap or take organic and heirloom seeds home

Learn more about the Birmingham Food Revolution and Local Food Legends Funding

These workshops have been created in collaboration with Digbeth Community Garden and supported by The Birmingham Food Legends Fund 2023 and Birmingham Food Revolution.

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