Adam Lewis Jacob – The Factory


Vivid Projects

An outline of a factory building on a white background with sections of archive images filling the

Vivid Projects is delighted to present an exhibition of recent work by artist Adam Lewis Jacob.
Using the decommissioned industrial apparatus of the former factory in which Vivid Projects in situated, Lewis Jacob reanimates the architectural space in dialogue with the rich archival sources explored in his video works, People Meeting In A Room (2019) and  Idrish (ইদ্রিস, 2021). Both video works were developed through research focused on the TURC Video archive, part of the Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre and an antecedent of Vivid Projects.
Working with the recent industrial context of the site, using motifs of repetition, labour and community, Lewis Jacob’s exhibition thus creates a context for engagement with the complex histories of the site and it’s histories. Images, campaign flyers and texts found in the archive are reimagined.   By bringing the past into the present the exhibition collapses time, policies and images echo throughout the space, reflecting the changes the local area has undergone in the  shift from manufacturing to entertainment, factory to cafe culture.


Vivid Projects

16 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley Street
B5 5RS