Adam Grainger – Collective Hecatomb Decline Conjecture


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Exhibition poster for Collective Hecatomb Decline Conjecture.

Collective Hecatomb Decline Conjecture is a series of works rattling around the limits and confines of ‘collective practice,’ a cynical reflection and catharsis drawing upon experience. Combining the pseudo-theoretical and the post-catastrophic through graphs, diagrams, ‘essays,’ aphorisms and(images of dead and injured animals, this exhibition pushes a pessimistic vision onto the future of collectivity.

An incitement of abjection and embrace of contradiction, Adam Grainger’s premier solo show can be read as an act of consolation for the melancholic. Though it was perhaps produced in the hopes of finding common ground,, a shared appreciation of the negative, or even a way out, Collective Hecatomb Decline Conjecture remains a bleak rumination on structure, structurelessness, chaos, and the micro-community.

Curated by Alice Reed and Dinosaur Kilby.

Adam will be giving a reading of Excerpts from The Black Speech at 7pm.


Cheap Cheap

68a Lombard Street,
B12 0QR