Friday 5 April, Cheap Cheap, Open Call Moving Image, 5pm–10pm

Open Call Moving Image

Cheap Cheap
68a Lombard Street, B12 0QR


Featured Artists:

Iso Dora, Duncan Poulton, newnewmoon, Hollie Page, Jack Lewdjaw, Melpomeni Gaganeli, Chelsee Capone, Marie Dutton, Benjamin Spike Saunders, Dan Cippico, Carol Breen, Das Balloon, Tim Neath, Annelyse Gelman, John O’hare & Tom Phipps, Philip Speakman, Elizabeth Gray and Mrs Art, Geraldine Snell, Laura Lulika, DANK Collective, Rami George, Valentino Russo, Chloe Langlois, Frances Kelly, Edward Wakefield, Rosa Francesca, Ambie Drew, Ian Williamson & Tori Carr, Samantha King & Isabel Albuquerque, Jessica-Tayler Cain, Sarah Walden, Bex Ilsley & Bokeh Monster & INTERSPACE, James D Hopkins and Volker Schütz.

Free entry



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