Friday 6 October, Real Fabrications, Stryx, 6-9pm

Real Fabrications
Unit 13
Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RS

Look out for Fierce activity at Stryx this Digbeth First Friday! Stryx presents performance night by Arma Agharta, Alex Bilingham, Eothen Stearn, who have cultivated their own unique rituals and idiosyncratic belief systems.

Each of the artists play on their own vulnerabilities, the awkwardness and stoic confidence of the outsider, which in turn may encourage the audience to be themselves, within or in spite of the construct of our societies.

What will happen within the convention of this gallery space and the convention of these potentially contained structured performance works? Is there room for all three and how will they compete for attention and involvement? Will they synchronise and dovetail in harmony or clash and babble with inharmonious discord…? Within the current climate of tribalism, separation, and borders, their aesthetic role play taps into universal contradictions of restriction and choice, collective and individual patterns of behaviour. Curated by Paul Newman.

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