Looking at Art Looking at People
Modern Clay
Unit 17
Minerva Works
Fazeley Street
B5 5RT

This Digbeth First Friday, Modern Clay and Division of Labour present ‘Looking at Art Looking at People’, a group exhibition featuring work by artists David Burrows, Jemma Egan, Luke McCreadie and Yelena Popova.

Essen and Division of Labour are both concerned with making in two distinct ways. In Essen and Modern Clay, he makes, invites and exhibits art which is all about the art studio or the pottery, materiality, an interest in form and process. Esson’s investigation is tangible, material and physical. Division of Labour is interested in the political aspects of making, how do groups of artists deal with the society they inhabit, how do they transfer knowledge and how is art made? In particular this exhibition explores and discuss’ the shared transnational location of art making and how communities share and develop knowledge. The artists could be seen as self-controlled worker making art in isolation and at the same time making collectively in clusters or ‘innovation systems’ (1) Leadbeater and Oakley describe the transfer of knowledge through “flexible production structured around short-term relationships between artists (that is for example; private views, shared studio, talks and parties) and external partners” (galleries, group shows, talks, parties, critics and curators).


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