Friday 7 October, Viscoelastic Muted Contempt (soft applause) at Eastside Projects, 6–8pm


Beth Kettel

Viscoelastic Muted Contempt (soft applause)

Eastside Projects

86 Heath Mill Lane


B9 4AR


Performance at 7pm
Join us at Eastside Projects for a one off performance by Beth Kettel which takes elements of the 90’s game show as a starting point. Beth is particularly interested in the game shows’ ability to make chaos and nonsense somehow coherent through their structures of rounds, zones and colours. The wider series will borrow certain aspects, such as format, aesthetic, object, costume and language, to explore disparate ideas.
For First Friday, Beth has created a performance that brings together text, sculpture, costume and sound. The first in a series, this performance focusses on ‘gunge’ as a subject and material; the feel of it and the feelings of it.
The main gallery will also be open for the chance to see our current exhibition, Production Show: Prototyping/Discovering/Analysing.

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