Friday 5 February, Eastside Projects: UnPublic Works and late night exhibition opening, 6–8pm


Exploded axo

UnPublic Works and late night exhibition opening

Eastside Projects
86 Heath Mill Lane


B9 4AR

Open 6–8pm

Come in from the cold for a late night viewing of ‘Duck Weave’ by Richard Woods and a very special performance by C100.

‘UnPublic Works’ is an audio visual deconstruction of motopia. Birmingham’s obsession with progress, production and change is illustrated through the construction and demolition of some of the city’s finest brutal landscapes and structures like Central Library and the Nat West building. But beyond the superlative, the city regenerates through the adhoc, the small-scale, the commons. Using adapted archival material and found soundscapes, ‘UnPublic Works’ celebrates a collective vision for the future city, one lost to the bulldozer, the other emergent from the dust.

C100 is an ongoing collaboration between mid_mod (Mike Dring) and Anviere (Alessandro Columbano) that explores the intersection between art, architecture, urbanism and performance. ‘UnPublic Works’ features contributions from artist and publisher Gareth Proskourine-Barnett and visual & sound artist Tom Tebby.

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