Friction Arts, Friday 2 May 7.30 – 11pm – How to be Euro-Popular


Friday 2 May, 7.30–11pm – Friction Arts – How to be Euro-popular: International artists development on the mainland

How to be Euro-popular
Friction Arts
The Edge, 79-81 Cheapside, Digbeth, Birmingham
B12 0QH

Friction arts invite you to the Edge to celebrate our (collective) part in the ‘New Europe’.  What does it mean to be European? Is that the English Channel, or did we dig a massive moat?   How do we create supportive networks across the moat, to create valuable intercultural exchanges and interventions?  What can we learn from, and teach, the rest of the EU?

Join us for an informal chat, European alcoholic and comestible refreshments and Euro sounds at the Edge. Bring your favourite Europop mp3s and we’ll have a Eurobop together!

Tickets £2 or a completed disloyalty card

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